Conference Program Agenda


Tentative Schedule 

More details to follow*

Tuesday, June 13:
  • Basic Machinery Vibrations Training Course (4.5-Day)
  • Exhibit Hall Opens
  • Networking Reception 
Pre-Conference Workshops: 
  • Roto Dynamics for Users
  • Basic ODS test Procedures & Modeling
  • The Use of ShaftVibA for Rotor Modeling
  • Impact Testing for Natural Frequencies, Mode Shapes & Damping

Wednesday, June 14:
  • Keynote Address
  • Gears and Gear Manufacturing Basics
  • Common Errors That Lead to the Misinterpretation of Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) Data 
  • A New Method for On-Line Vibration Data Collection
  • Motion Amplification: Moving Vibration Analysis to the Visual Spectrum
  • Gearbox Vibration Analysis
  • Part 1 — Resonance Detection Testing
  • Part 2 — Modal Analysis Testing
  • Shop Balancing – General purpose, production and mass production
  • Gearbox Case Histories
  • Shop Balancing Specifications & Standards
Exhibit Hall closes

Thursday, June 15:
  • AMPrint Center’s 3D printing at Rochester Institute of Technology 
  • Pump Case Histories
  • Basic Testing for Natural Frequencies and Resonance 
  • Academic Session
  • A Screening Method for Low Frequency Random Piping Vibration 
  • Modulation
  • Academic Session
  • Case Histories — High Vibration on a Large MBFW Motor
  • Best Practices in Bearing Protection from Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Pitfalls in Half Power FFT Damping Calculations

Fridayday, June 16:
  • Part 1: Bearing Principles
  • Equipment Vibration Testing Using Fatigue Damage to Correlate Real World Data in the Lab 
  • Panel Session on Pump Vibration Standards
  • Part 2: Bearing Maintenance and Installation
  • Thermography for Predictive Maintenance
  • Bring Your Problem

Saturday, June 17:
  • Optional Certification Exams

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