Certificate Requirements

Per our accrediting body, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), professional development submitted for points toward recertification must be supported by written documentation. The best proof of training, conference attendance, conference/meeting presentations, or published papers signed certificate of attendance or completion by the organization providing or hosting the function.

We recommend that certificates include a design that is hard to copy (including the organization’s logo), a raised seal (either stick-on or embossed), and that they should be printed on copy-protected or secure paper. This is desired so it becomes very difficult for individuals to forge certificates. While many organizations do provide certificates, there is inconsistency in their content, and they often lack some of the information required.

The certificate should have one of the following statements or similar depending on the event:
  •  This certifies that John Doe completed XYZ course.
  •  This certifies that John Doe attended XYZ conference.
  •  This certifies that John Doe presented XYZ presentation.
  •  This certifies that John Doe published XYZ paper.

The following information should appear on all certificates:
  •   Company, person, or publication providing the certificate
  •   Name of the individual
  •   Name of the training, conference, meeting, paper, etc.
  •   Location
  •   Dates
  •   Signature of an authorized agent of the company or the trainer
  •   IMPORTANT: Include either the number of CEU credits earned or the number of professional development hours attended for classes and conferences. (This is missing from a lot of certificates and is critical information for recertification purposes.)
    • Note: For conferences and courses, 0.1 points is generally awarded for every 1-hour of attendance. For published papers and presentations, it only needs to be noted that the individual published or presented or both.
Sample Certificate

VI Course Certificate

The following companies provide training and certificates follow the guidelines: 
General Electric