You are invited to join me and about 300 other vibration analysts at the 43rd Vibration Institute Annual gathering. It is an opportunity to learn some new ideas and techniques as well as review the latest offerings of the vendors in a low key Kentucky environment.

Similar to other years the Conference will be held in three days (July 24-26) with a packed program. Four pre-conference (July 23) one-half day training sessions will feature sessions on Reliable Manufacturing with Precision Maintenance, Rotor Dynamic Calculations by Hand, Fan Basics: A look at Centrifugal Fan and Industrial Blower Fundamentals, Measuring off Line to Running Machinery Movement for Precise Operational Shaft Alignment.

The Conference is led off by Dr. David J. Ewins, noted developer of modal testing techniques. Dr. Ewins returns to the Vibration Institute as the Conference keynote speaker to discuss the past and present of modal testing. Ewins will review the present use of modal tests to enhance the finite element analysis of structures. Eugene Vogel will give a featured presentation on “An Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things-IIOT”, In addition, Nelson Baxter will provide some guidance on transient and ono-steady state vibrations as well as some of the history of his experiences as a “Vibration Analyst”.

The conference offers a wide variety of papers on topics on techniques that include acceptance testing, FFT analysis, lubrication, electrical and current signature analysis, ultrasound, rotor dynamic modeling, as well as equipment- motors, fans and pumps. Those who are looking for relating to management will be interested in the new motion amplification techniques.

As always there will be a vendor show with reception on Wednesday and Thursday with vendors providing equipment and services on instrumentation, monitoring, analysis, balancing, reliability, ultrasound, and lubrication. Even though the formal program may bring you something new that will enhance your job performance it is often the informal conversations at the social events that may pay off. I look forward to meeting you there.

Ron Eshleman

The Vibration Institute Annual Training Conference & Expo (VIATC) is and has been the premiere conference for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals for over 40 years. The Vibration Institute Annual Training Conference & Expo (VIATC) gives you practical learning and provides you quality networking for industrial vibration analysis, precision alignment and balancing, and highlights insights into complementary condition monitoring technologies and emerging issues impacting reliability management like artificial intelligence(AI) and motion amplification. With in-depth short-courses, technical sessions on emerging industry applications, case studies on challenging problems, and the latest technologies featured in the Exhibit Hall, VIATC is the not-to-be missed event for condition monitoring professionals. Get more information at: VIATC2019

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