About Vibration Institute


The mission of the Vibration Institute is to disseminate practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition without commercial interest. The Institute offers programs including education, training, certification, and opportunities for exchanging technical knowledge, information, procedures, and data that are offered through meetings, publications, formal training and networking. 


The Vibration Institute’s steadfast commitment to our mission took root more than four decades ago. Michael Blake of Lovejoy, Inc. felt strongly that an organization was needed for scientists, engineers and other professionals representing a broad cross-section of industries to share information about measuring and analyzing vibration.

1967 – Michael P. Blake organized a small symposium sponsored by Lovejoy for exchanging information about the techniques being used to measure vibration.
1972 – Pat Hennessey, then President of Lovejoy, assumed responsibility and expense of legally incorporating the not-for-profit Vibration Foundation
1973 – The Foundation was reorganized into the Vibration Institute. Pat Hennessey, Mike Blake, Charlie Jackson and Ron Eshleman were among the original Board of Directors.
1993 – In April 1993 the Institute developed and implemented the Vibration Specialist Category I Examination (current Vibration Analyst Category II examination).
1994 – In February 1994 the Institute developed and implemented the Vibration Specialist Category II Examination (current Vibration Analyst Category III examination).
1996 – In June 1996 the Institute developed and implemented the Vibration Specialist Category III Examination (current Vibration Analyst Category IV examination).
2003 – In January 2003 the Institute converted the certification examinations to align with ISO 18436-2. The Institute developed and implement the Vibration Analyst Category I examination.
2005 – In July 2005 the Institute developed and implemented the Balancing Technician Specialist Category I Examination.
2008 – In August 2008 the Institute developed and implemented the Shaft Alignment Specialist Category II Examination.
2010 – On March 4, 2010, the Vibration Institute received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the Institute's Vibration Analyst Certification Program.

The Institute has executed its mission statement by providing membership, training, and certification of vibration measurement and analysis personnel according to ISO/ANSI procedures.