Alignment Standard Press Release

Alignment Standard Press Release



December 13, 2013
Contact: Nicole Casas
Marketing and Communications Associate
Call for Participation: Industry Standard on Shaft Alignment Methodology

WILLOWBROOK, Ill. – The Vibration Institute and Acoustical Society of America (ASA) would like to invite all interested parties to participate in the development of an industry standard with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for shaft alignment methodology in large industrial rotating apparatus.

The Vibration Institute seeks to form a working group to undertake the task of creating a standard with broad industry acceptance which will cover basic technical information on machinery shaft alignment.

The working group for this standard will focus on the alignment activity, not the technician. The standard will contain considerations, methodologies, and acceptance tolerances forming the basis of effective shaft alignment without bias to tool or instrument brand. The standard’s core technical components of Measure, Analyze, Correct, and Document will lead to acceptably aligned machines. It will address alignment types, accurate shaft rotational centerline and mechanical run out measurements, machinery deterioration, baseplate preparation, offline-to-running movement, and acceptance tolerances with consideration given to general machine designs and coupling types. The standard will apply to horizontally or vertically arranged, direct coupled rotating industrial machinery utilizing flexible or rigid coupling methods.

Stakeholders for this standard whose participation will benefit the working group will include North America based:

  • Users of industrial rotating apparatus and/or shaft alignment equipment and tools
  • Vendors or manufacturers of industrial rotating apparatus and/or shaft alignment equipment and tools
  • Associations or service providers concerned with the installation, maintenance and reliability of rotating apparatus
  • Academics or training professionals concerned with the installation, maintenance and reliability of rotating apparatus

If you, or a colleague are interested in participating in this exciting new standard, please submit the required information via application or email prior to January 31, 2014. Applications will be reviewed to ensure the working group has the correct balance of required stakeholders. Once all applications are reviewed, applicants who fit the required balance of stakeholders will be contacted by the Vibration Institute with details of the first meeting, currently scheduled via GoToMeeting on February 20, 2014.

Further, it is the intent of this working group to accommodate travel budgets and time restraints by utilizing fewer face-to-face meetings and embracing online collaborative tools for many of the meetings. The general schedule for required participation is as follows:

  • Time Frame – Two to three year commitment from first meeting to final product.
  • Travel – Two face-to-face meetings per year (one or two day duration).
  • Online/Web Meetings – estimated one or two per month, 1-2 hours in length each.
  • Additional Participation – regular work independently or in subgroups for creation and/or review/revision of document sections.

Required Participant Application Information:
The Participation deadline was January 31st, 2014.

Thank you for your interest.

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