An Analysis of the Different Aspects of Intelligence in Machines

The purpose of this research paper is to technically and philosophically analyze the behaviors of the current intelligent machines and try to think about an eventual artificial evolution. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring us more advantages or more disadvantages? The paper analyzes the different types of intelligent technologies and sees how they are used in security controls, medical researches, military operations, householding, and maintenance. It will take a look also at the cybernetic and robotic aspects of the topic, and see how they affect the military conflicts taking as points of reference the cyberterrorism and the design of new war-robots. The research will explain how everything started, how everything is quickly developing, and how technological progress is affecting the human being. How will we react to this new intelligent machines in the future? Will they ever be able to overcome human intelligence with an eventual artificial consciousness, more advanced learning skills and faster times of execution? Is it really coming up with a new era? Are we really creating our successors or it is just science fiction?


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