Annual Membership Renewal

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Annual Membership Renewal

The Vibration Institute offers many tremendous benefits including the competitive advantage gained from the collective body of knowledge and experience among the engineers, technicians, managers and craftspeople that continuously learn and exchange the latest information and advancements. In addition to maintaining the outstanding technical knowledge and quality that our certified vibration analysts and members have come to expect, the Institute is harnessing technology to better provide our members with information, tools and knowledge that they need to enhance their work and careers.

Membership Annual Renewal (Member Login required)

As a member of the Vibration Institute, you join more than 2,000 technical professionals working in industry, academic institutions and government throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. Membership Benefits include:
• Subscription to Vibrations
• Personalized Membership Card
• Access to the Members Only section of the Website
• Discounts on registration for Annual Training Conference and conference Proceedings
• The right to hold office, and serve on committees and/or the Board of Directors.
• And much more . . .

Vibration Institute annual membership is $45 Student $95 (US) and $140 (International)

Corporate Individual Membership

If your membership dues will not be covered by your company’s Corporate Sponsorship benefit, then contact the Vibration Institute headquarters for more information.