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My name is Gyorgy Szasz, and I am serving as the chair of the certification committee as of this summer. I started my vibration analyst career almost 20 years ago as a side activity while still in graduate school at Auburn University. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills at nuclear, fossil and hydro power plants as well as pipeline stations, refineries and oil rigs while employed as a consultant by Southern Company Services, Structural Integrity Associates, and currently at Stress Engineering Services. I am honored to have been asked to serve as chair and intend to do my best to step up to the challenge.

As we all know, the Vibration Institute is dedicated to the dissemination of practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition. The certification committee supports this goal by preparing and reviewing the exams that are used to verify that the individuals that are certified by the Institute have acquired a sufficient amount of relevant knowledge via training and field experience.

This is an exciting time for the committee. In an effort to modernize our operations, we are in the process of implementing The Examiner® software as a database for our exam items, generating exams and keeping the statistics for the results. Statistics are an important tool for ensuring that the exams questions have the right level of difficulty. Prior to the implementation we are performing reviews of our database of exam items and optimizing them as necessary prior to importing them into the software. We had our most recent two-day face to face meeting of the committee on June 12 and 13, immediately before the 2016 Training Conference in Asheville, NC. Many of the tasks that were performed by the committee were directly related to the preparation for The Examiner® software implementation. In addition to reviewing a select group of items, we categorized all items for four categories per ISO 18436 2 Annex A, and we also worked to provide input to Dr. Ron Eshleman on his new Terminology Project.

The current members of the certification committee are listed on our website at  If you are a Category III or IV certified member of the Vibration Institute and you are interested in serving on the certification committee, please contact Dave Corelli at and/or myself at