Corporate Courses

Thank you for your interest in the Vibration Institute’s corporate training courses. We offer on-site training throughout the year, and our courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. All of our instructors are certified to Category IV and have extensive field and industry experience so they will be able to address any combination of the theories and information for your course.
Vibration Institute training courses provide unique opportunities to study vibration principles in a way that goes beyond the textbook and provides real-world applications. In addition to understanding theories and techniques, our courses:
  • provide procedures to add to your practical knowledge of machines;
  • offer case studies to help analyze various types of equipment;
  • include demonstrations and workshops that illustrate methods to solve vibration problems;
  • have been developed using the body of knowledge compliant with ISO 18436-2 Vibration Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics; and
  • follow ISO 18436-3 Requirements for Training Bodies and the Training Process which defines the requirements for bodies operating training programs in the non-intrusive machine condition monitoring, diagnostic and correction technologies.
The workshops and demonstrations, scheduled throughout the training course, are used to illustrate theory and applications. The training course lasts four days, with the optional certification exam being offered the morning of the fifth day. The schedule typically runs Monday through Thursday, with the exam on Friday morning.
For additional information, or to request a quote for a specific course, please contact the Institute at or 630-654-0269.