Electrically Improving a MEMS Sensor for Rolling Stock

This paper describes work related to improving the electrical performance of an accelerometer-based sensor, RotoSense™, used for monitoring rolling stock: the locomotives and cars used in trains. At the 2018 MFPT conference, a paper, “Improved RotoSense™ for Rolling Stock: Locomotives and Cars,” focused on physical improvements to the shaft-mounted, wireless sensor, although there were improvements in signal performance. This paper describes subsequent improvements to that sensor, with a focus on signal quality and battery life. The original version of the sensor described in this paper is the first and, still, only known to survive, intact, three days of testing at the National Test Track Center in Pueblo, Colorado, including a 10-hour, non-stop, 400-mile test run. The rationale, the methods, and the results of those electrical improvements are the focus of this paper. *RotoSense is a trademark of Ridgetop Group, Inc.


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