What Is The Eshleman Foundation?

Michael Long, Vibration Institute Executive Director

Fall 2017 Vibrations 3


I have now been the Executive Director for the Vibration Institute for a little over a year. Although a great deal has been accomplished at the Institute in that time, it is just a fraction of what it has done since the early 1970s when Dr. Ronald Eshleman founded the the organization. One of my greatest assets as a new Executive Director is having Dr. Eshleman in the office a couple days a week. While he mostly works on training material these days, his knowledge of the industry and the Institute have been an invaluable resource for me. It is also apparent how much Dr. Eshleman is revered by Institute members and volunteers as well as the condition monitoring industry in general.

This summer, many Vibration Institute board members expressed an interest in giving back to the industry by establishing scholarships for those in the midst of hardship or career transition. At the same time, there was discussion on the best way to honor Dr. Eshleman for his contributions to the Institute in a lasting way. The culmination of these discussions was the establishment of the Eshleman Foundation.

The Eshleman Foundation will become a focal point for elevating the academic research funded by the Institute and will provide vocational training scholarships to advance the machinery condition monitoring industry. Scholarship opportunities include covering training and exam fees as well as registration fees for conference. Special considerations will be given to members or member employees who have volunteered for the Institute or its chapters, the unemployed or persons in career transition, and returning U.S. military veterans searching for a career after their service.

On behalf of the Vibration Institute Board of Directors, we would like to personally thank Dr. Eshleman for his contributions to our profession and industry in the past, present, and in the future.

For more information on services the Foundation will provide or to donate to the scholarship fund, please visit the Eshleman Foundation at www.vi-eshlemanfoundation.org. Currently, the Vibration Institute plans to cover all operational expenses for the Foundation, so 100 percent of all donations will go toward covering training, exam, and membership scholarship fees.

If you would like to be a volunteer to help review scholarship applications, please email me at michael@vi-institute.org.