Professional Development

Practical Applications. Expert Knowledge. Real-World Solutions.


In an increasingly competitive industrial and economic climate, employers and clients seek the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals. The Vibration Institute Training Program is the pinnacle for recognizing the highest standards of knowledge, competence, and expertise among professionals in the vibration field.

Vibration Institute Training Courses are led by leading national and international industry experts, combining theory with hands-on workshops and case histories to prepare you to evaluate and solve vibration problems in a real-world setting.

The Vibration Institute holds public courses throughout the year in different regions of the United States. Additionally, corporate courses can be arranged for your company and customized to meet your employees’ needs and interests.

The Vibration Institute is committed to providing continuing education and professional development in the vibration analysis and condition monitoring industry. As a part of this commitment, we’ve drafted a convenient letter our analysts can submit to their management that explains the benefits reaped from the modest expense of our courses. Simply download the letter, change the pertinent information, and submit it to your supervisor.

If you have questions regarding our public courses, or want additional information about scheduling and creating a private corporate training course for your company, please call (630) 654-2254 or


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