Universal Vibration Sensor Mount

The present paper describes universal vibration sensor mount devices for attaching sensors to the machinery. Some types of machinery vibration sensors need to be mounted in a particular orientation relative to the machine being monitored. One example is the two-axis and three-axis MEMS accelerometers used to detect machine-critical acceleration vector components. Another example is sensors with side connectors or cables whose orientation is restricted by space limitations. In many instances, vibration machinery sensors constructed as could be mounted using a central bolt that going throw the sensor body threads into a bore on the machine body. Such sensors are usually more expensive than similar sensors with a solid body. In some cases, proper sensor orientation is achieved by simply gluing the sensor to the machine body. This makes it difficult to remove the sensor if it needs to be replaced. There are also proprietary sensor mounts designed for specific sensors, but these lack versatility. We designed the universal sensor mount that can be used to mount a wide variety of machinery sensors at precise orientations. The idea here is that the sensor module mounting member is locked in a selected rotational position using the adjustable locking member as shown in Figure 1. The sensor module is attached to the universal sensor mount by threading the sensor module onto the sensor module mounting member until tight. A determination is made whether the sensor module is substantially aligned with one or more reference axes of the machine. If not, the sensor module is detached from the universal sensor mount. The sensor module mounting member is unlocked and rotated to another selected rotational position that will substantially align the sensor module with one or more machine reference axes as shown in Figure 2. The sensor module mounting member is then relocked in another selected rotational position and the sensor module is reattached to the universal sensor mount.


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