Vibration Sensor with Two-Wire Interface and Bias Used for Measure Temperature

A sensor with integrated mechanical transducing and temperature monitoring capability is described. The sensor includes housing containing a transducer, a temperature sensor with associated bias, a summing circuit, and a two-wire cable connector. The transducer is operable to output a dynamic transducer waveform that corresponds to dynamic mechanical perturbations sensed by the transducer. The temperature sensor is operable to output a quasi-static temperature waveform that corresponds to temperatures sensed by the temperature sensor. The summing circuit is operable to combine the transducer waveform and the temperature waveform into a composite modulated voltage bias output signal or modulated current bias output signal. The two-wire cable standard connector is accessible outside of the housing and is connectable to a two-wire cable that delivers power to the sensor from a power source and delivers the composite output signal from the sensor to a remote data acquisition circuit.


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