VI Chapters

Established in 1979, Vibration Institute Chapters promote and advance the needs of industry professionals within a local region. Chapters offer continuing education and networking opportunities for their members and a forum to discuss and exchange ideas about vibration challenges and opportunities. At the Chapter level, members and vibration analysts can gain experience and network for future career and leadership opportunities.

Each chapter is responsible for its own meeting schedule with either monthly, quarterly, and/or bimonthly meetings. Typical meetings feature guest speakers and social activities. Training conferences are often presented and certification examinations are given by various chapters throughout the year.

Vibration Institute Chapters also participate in a program where they receive an annual rebate of $5 per Vibration Institute member.  Members are eligible to participate in as many chapters and events as they want but can only be affiliated with one chapter annually for the rebate program.  In order to make sure your chapter receives the full financial benefit through the rebate program please notify the Vibration Institute of your chapter affiliation on an annual basis.

If you are interested in joining a Chapter, contact them through the link below.  If you are interested in forming a Chapter in your area, please contact us at or (630) 654-2254.

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