Why ODS/Modal is Not Dead – Vibration Diagnostics using Modal and ODS Analysis

Join me April 1-4 for the “Vibration Diagnostics using Modal and ODS Analysis” to learn more about these powerful diagnostic tools.

I have been asked if Modal and Operating Deflection Shape testing is still necessary if the vibration characteristics of a machine and/or structure can be defined using Video Motion Amplification (MA).The answer is a resounding “YES”.

Below are only three of the reasons that Modal and ODS testing will continue to be very important and necessary vibration diagnostic techniques:

  • Vibration Problems involving Resonance require Modal Analysis to identify Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes. Only Modal data is scaled properly to be used for the evaluation of Potential Modifications to Solve the Resonance Problem.
  • Operating Deflection Shape is a 3-dimensional analysis procedure whereas Motion Amplification is a 2-dimensional analysis procedure. There are many Vibration Problems that require simultaneous animation of all three dimensions to properly diagnose. There are also cases where the principal direction of animation cannot be viewed with a video camera.
  • ODS can be used for Vibration Problems where the frequency limitation of Motion Amplification is exceeded, for vibrating systems where access limitations prevent the use of a video camera, or for vibrating systems where a clear view of the machine or structure is not possible.