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Vibration Analyst Certification Levels

The Process:

Requirements for each level of certification, Category I – IV.

  • Meet the work experience requirement
  • Meet the vibration  training requirement
  • Register for the vibration training course (if needed)
  • Register for the exam (you can register for the exam the same time you register for a course)

The Vibration Institute vibration analyst certification program is the benchmark and recognized as one of the highest standards of industry knowledge and competence among professionals in the field. The Vibration Institute’s vibration analyst certification program IS THE ONLY vibration analyst certification program accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

  • Category I




Category I Vibration Analysts are qualified to perform a range of single channel machinery vibration condition monitoring and diagnostic activities including data acquisition on predetermined routes, machine steady state testing to predefined procedures, and comparison of readings against pre-established alert settings.

Minimum Recommended Experience: 6 months

Minimum Training Hours: 30 hours

Recommended Vibration Training meeting requirement:  Introduction to Machinery Vibrations – CAT I

Category I Body of Knowledge/Training Course Topics:

Vibration Principles

  • Basic motion
  • Period, Frequency
  • Amplitude (Peak, Peak-to-Peak, RMS)
  • Measurements (Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration)
  • Time Orbital and Frequency Domains
  • Phase Natural Frequency, Resonance, Critical Speeds
  • Shaft and Casing Vibration

6 hours

Data Acquisition

  • Instrumentation (and acquire readings)
  • Transducers
  • Sensor Mounting, Mounted Natural Frequency
  • Test Procedures
  • Computer Database Upload/Download
  • Recognition of Poor Data
  • Vibration System Calibration

6 hours

Condition Monitoring

  • Vibration Severity
  • Recognition of Baseline Variations

4 hours

Signal Processing

  • FFT Application

6 hours

Data Acquisition

  • Basic Spectrum Analysis
  • Spectral Harmonics and Sidebands

4 hours

Acceptance Testing

  • Test Procedures

2 hours

Equipment Testing and Diagnostics

  • Process Safety

2 hours

Fault Severity Determination

  • Levels (Overall, Narrowband, Component)

4 hours

Field Balancing

  • Single-plane

2 hours

Sample questions for Category I, are available for review the Vibration Institute Certification Handbook. Educational opportunities are available to meet the training hour recommendation and partially prepare for the Vibration Analyst certification exam. Educational opportunities are available to meet the training hour recommendation and partially prepare for the Vibration Analyst certification exam at your organization.

Get Certified

Certification Exams are offered:

  • The day AFTER VI training courses.
  • Anytime at VI offices.
  • At a USA location near you with a pre-approved VI proctor.
  • Through our International Representatives.


  • Register for a course and exam.
  • Register for just the exam (if you already have the training requirement, or are getting training elsewhere).
  • Find a USA proctor by contacting us.
  • Contact an International Representative in your country.