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Vibration Institute Piedmont Chapter, North and South Carolina

Clay Boyd

Vibration Institute, Piedmont Chapter#14 PO Box 401 Catawba, SC 29704

Vibration Institute, Piedmont Chapter#14

Meetings are held three times per year on Fridays. Our typical meeting months are January, May & September. Meetings alternate locations between North & South Carolina. Our annual two day meeting & training seminar held in May each year is arguably the best predictive maintenance training available for the money in the area. 

Every meeting offers the attendee at least three potential benefits:

  • To hear and potentially learn from presentations on vibration analysis and/or other PDM topics given by experienced people who more often than not actually perform this work in the field.
  • To meet with many vendors of vibration analysis and other PDM equipment in the area and see their latest equipment & instrumentation.
  • To speak & network with other vibration & PDM people in the area who are doing this work at their plants.

Our Piedmont chapter website is More information about the chapter and meetings can be found on the website as well as over 100 presentations on various vibration & PDM topics given during prior meetings that are free to access at your leisure.

About The Vibration Institute Piedmont, Nc Chapter

At the vibration institute, our mission is to disseminate practical information on evaluating the behavior and condition of machinery without commercial interest. The institute offers a variety of programs, including education, training, certification, and opportunities for technical knowledge exchange. our members share information, procedures, and cutting-edge data through formal training, networking, meetings, and publications. If you would like to join our network of esteemed colleagues, improve your skills, and expand your education in the study of machine vibrations, get in touch and get started as a member.

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