Code of Ethics

Individuals certified according to the Vibration Institute’s Vibration Analyst scheme must recognize the precepts of personal integrity and professional competence as international principles.


Certified individuals shall:

I. Perform their professional duties with proper regard for the physical environment and the safety, health and well-being of the public;
II. Undertake only those vibration tasks for which they are competent by virtue of their training and experience, and where warranted, engage or advise the engagement of such analysts as are required to enable them to properly complete assignments;
III. Conduct themselves in a responsible manner and utilize fair and equitable business practices in dealing with colleagues, clients and associates;
IV. Protect to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the well-being of the public, any information given them in confidence by an employer, colleague or member of the public;
V. Refrain from making unjustified statement or from performing unethical acts which would discredit the certification program based on this scheme;
VI. Indicate to the employer or client any adverse consequences which may result from an over-ruling of the technical judgment by a non-technical authority;
VII. Avoid conflicts of interest with any employer or client, and if any such conflicts should arise in the performance of work inform the affected persons promptly of the circumstances;
VIII. Strive to maintain their proficiency by updating the technical knowledge as required to properly perform condition monitoring and diagnostics measurement and analysis techniques; and
IX. Refrain from misuse of the Institute’s logo and certification status.
X. Inform the Vibration Institute, without delay, of matters that can affect the capability of the certified person to continue to fulfill the certification requirements. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your certificate.