Complaints and Appeals

Any individual may file a complaint or appeal in accordance with Vibration Institute certification procedure CP011 (Appeals and Complaints).  A complaint may involve the Institute’s certification program or a certified individual.  Appeals may involve the decision on disqualification, certification, or recertification.

Persons denied certification or disqualified for reasons of expiration, failure of examination or other such reason, may make written appeal using COMPLAINT OR APPEAL FORM (CF021). Complaints or appeals will be reviewed confidential and impartially. The reviewing authority review all available evidence and come to a judgment in a fair and impartial manner.

  • Appeals of failing an exam are reviewed by the Appeals Committee.
  • Appeals of recertification denial are reviewed by the Technical-Director Certification.
  • Exam item and equation errors appeals (challenges) are advanced to the Appeals Committee.
  • Disqualification appeals are considered by the Executive Director and Technical Director of Certification.
  • Procedural complaints are reviewed by the Executive Director and Technical Director of Certification.
  • Complaints regarding proctors or staff are reviewed by the Executive Director and Technical Director of Certification.

If any ruling made by the Executive Director and/or Technical Director of Certification can be appealed to the Appeals Committee. If an appeal is denied by the Appeals Committee, the individual can request in writing, via letter, email or fax, that the appeal be brought to the Vibration Institute Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will provide a decision to grant or deny the appeal based on the facts. A decision by the Vibration Institute Board of Directors is final.

Complaints and/or appeals will be responded to within 30 days (Categories I and II), 60 days (Category III), or 90 days (Category IV) upon receipt. Submissions that are sent to the Appeals Committee are given an additional 15 days.

If the complaint is about a certified individual, the certified individual will be notified by the Vibration Institute of the complaint lodged against them and given an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

If you have any questions about the Vibration Institute’s Complaint and Appeals process, please contact the Vibration Institute Executive Director at or by phone at 630-654-2254.